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Gluten Demystified By Jaqui Karr

Posted on January 23, 2013 at 9:40 AM

Gluten Demystified is an amazing program that will step you through everything you need to know about gluten in your diet. It touches on Celiac Disease, foods that contain gluten, and foods you can eat without any worries.


Bestselling author, celebrity nutritionist, and super popular speaker, Jaqui Karr, suffers from Celiac and who best to write about the problem with gluten than someone who suffers from it every day. She covers every aspect of gluten in your diet.  There are many benefits to going gluten free.


Gluten Demystified comes with a series of videos where you’ll learn what the effects of gluten are in your body including the symptoms.  Also, how to avoid products that contain gluten. They don’t always call it gluten in products. Knowing other names for it will help keep your body gluten free.


You’ll also know the type of testing that is done for Celiac Disease before you visit your doctor. That way you won’t be misdiagnosed.  You’ll also learn about your immune system and how important it is to your body. Plus, how you can help build your immune system to protect your from gluten overload. There is a link to depression caused from too much gluten in your body you need to know about.


The video on supplements and digestive aids is one of the most important videos. Knowing which vitamins or supplements to take that don't contain gluten can alleviate most of your symptoms. Avoiding products that contain gluten can take you back to the lifestyle you used to have before they starting putting gluten in food products.


You’ll also know how to adjust your lifestyle to living without gluten.  There are many products in the grocery store that contain gluten. They use gluten as filler for many products, so knowing which product contain gluten will go far for your new lifestyle.


You can download the PDFs and put them on your Kindle or Nook and read to your heart’s content.  You’ll learn how gluten affects the body, what foods to eat, and how to eat the right foods to keep your life gluten free. You’ll be back to health in no time after you’ve spent time watching, listening, or reading Gluten Demystified.


You receive all the tools you need to put your life back on track. The fact this program comes in three different formats is what makes it special. It was designed for every person’s preference for learning about how gluten affects your life and what you can do about getting the gluten out of your life – forever!

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