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Fernando Bernall's Spiralflow Method of Joint Mobility for Baby Boomers

Posted on June 28, 2011 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (0)

The SpiralFLow Method of Joint Mobility is similar to Tai Chi in it is practiced as a collection of drills performed in a regular sequence till all of the main joints of the body have been mustered thru their natural range of motion. Inside fifteen to twenty-five minutes, dependent on the rate and number of repetitions practiced for each joint, you can feel fully energised, relaxed, and moldable.


here is where my coaching strategy is very different from other programs : I begin training your joints first. It isn't about a warm-up before exercise, though definitely it can be for that, it is far more. Joint mobility drills are about nutritive the joints with synovial liquid and restoring the joint's natural range of motion thru dedicated practice. The video below is just a tiny sample of The SpiralFlow System of Joint Mobility.


By following the programme you can also move with the fluidity and agility of a young individual. Your body will be well prepared for further coaching including bodybuilding and bodyweight exercises.

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