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The OCD Rescue Program By Rich Presta & Dr. Cheryl Lane

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The OCD Rescue Program is written by Rich Presta & Dr. Cheryl Lane, and they have provided an in-depth guide on how to control and overcome your OCD behavior. The methods and techniques they use in this 4-step program is unlike any other program or therapy, and shows ways in actually preventing the behavior from happening.


They also believe that natural healing will benefit the patient better, than taking expensive medication. By following the OCD Rescue Program, there is hope that one may actually be able to lead a normal life again. The program consists of one ebook – the OCD Rescue Program Manual, and two audio programs – The OCD Rescue Program Complete Audio Supplement Series and The Anxiety-Free Masterminds Audio Series which contains almost two hours’ worth of advice and interviews.


In fact, OCD Rescue Program does not give hypnosis, or ridiculous exercises to do, just advanced and cutting edge methods which will work for you and many others. The OCD Rescue Program treats your problem from inside with a natural means so you do not need to worry about the side effects or suffering any pain.


In general, you will know how to teach yourself that the thoughts and obsessions don’t must lead to compulsive actions. The simple and straightforward strategy of the ocd rescue program will help you teach your mind to react differently to your thoughts so you can learn to stop the anxiety as well.




✔ Good visual style and art design.

✔ Ocd Rescue Program is totally portable, meaning it can go with you on a thumbdrive, smartphone, or other portable device and run on any Windows PC.

✔ Pretty open and user friendly.

✔ Easy to operate, I personally hate anything that is very complicated as if made for the experts sake.

✔ 24/7 Customer Support.

✔ Solid performance.

✔ Many new features with every release.




✔ I haven’t found any yet!

✔ Nothing yet as far as I am concerned.

Most of the common features and stability. No notable bugs, very stable

The Linden Method, developed by Charles Linden

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From about the age of 12, Charles Linden suffered from the debilitating effects of agoraphobia, anxiety and panic attacks. During his years at school he only just managed to stay afloat. Feelings of fear were a constant part of his existence. What should have been some of the best years of his life, became a nightmare. Feelings of loneliness and anxiety ruled his life.


As he got older the symptoms became even worse. By the time he was 21, he was so agoraphobic he would only leave the house to try and find help for his condition. Medication did not improve the situation and to make matters worse, the side effects were ghastly.


No one seemed able to help him. Wherever he turned, from conventional to alternative medicines, as well as therapy for anxiety and panic attacks, all proved to be in vain. Charles lived a life that can only be considered a horror.


In 1996 Charles decided he could not continue living his life like this. He started spending hours researching. Interviewing patients and people who managed to recover from these disorders, he systematically recorded the results.


Whilst doing this, he experienced an 'eureka' moment. Suddenly he looked at panic and anxiety attacks in an entirely different way. This proved to be the turning point for him and the beginning of the Linden Method.


In a couple of days his life started changing noticeably.


After two weeks he was socializing and attending college.


Within two months, he had no more anxiety or panic attacks and was able to live a normal life.


Drawing from his own experience, he spent two years developing the Linden Method. Tested and refined, over the past decade it has been used successfully worldwide by more than 88 000 people. People who have tried previously, without success, to find a cure. Those people are now living life to the full. Finally 100% free from a dreadful condition.


Why is the Linden Method so successful? It can be attributed to a number of things:


✔It was developed by a knowledgeable person who had suffered for many years

✔The root cause of anxiety disorders is addressed

✔There are no drugs involved and therefore no harmful side effects

✔It is an easy to follow program

✔It is soothing and gentle with nothing frightening, but at the same time extremely effective.

✔Unlimited support and advice is available from trained and sympathetic counselors

✔Tested and approved by doctors and psychologists, the Linden Method is on its way to becoming    the number one treatment for panic attacks and anxiety disorders


You can make the choice today. It's so easy. Instead of existing in a state of constant panic and anxiety, with the Linden Method you can start living life to the full and do those things you never thought possible.

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