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Emetophobia Recovery System By Rich Presta

Posted on October 10, 2011 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)

The Emetophobia Recovery System by Rich Presta is an electronic e-book comprised of a series of books and CDs designed to eliminate your emetophobia problems.


Rich Presta is a former sufferer of panic attacks and anxiety who became a well known expert in phobia treatment. After solving his own phobias, by devising his own unique self-help process, he refined his procedure so that it relates explicitly to dread of vomit.


The Emetophobia Eraser Program is grounded on neuro-linguistic programming and combination of natural techniques to eradicate the feeling linked with emetophobia. Instead of simply masking the source of this phobia through medications, the program accesses the psychological root of the problem to lastingly therapy it. It lays out diverse activities that assist retrain your mind to believe distinctly about vomiting.


The basic four-step technique can finish your worry and vomiting obsessions. The program also details the five patterns of faulty thinking related with emetophobia as well as directions on designing a personalized plan for conquering your fear.


Testimonials of the Emetophobia Recovery System are greatly positive and it has been promoted via various professionals within the psychology and mental coaching field. Rich Presta does a great role within explaining the entire procedure within a noticeable, easy towards appreciate and apply grammar, and makes it simple for you to defeat Emetophobia quickly.