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The Ezra Protocol Inner Circle - Fatty Liver Sufferers By Debra Elkin

Posted on August 1, 2012 at 4:15 PM

Debra Elkin is a certified nutritionist and natural practitioner that will take the pressure off you when it comes to creating a diet for detoxing your system. You don’t need to do anything; Debra will take care of everything for you. All you have to do is follow her daily diet menus and you’ll be on your way to a cleaner body. She’ll sit down with you and plan the next 6 months of menus for you. They are customized just for you!

As you may know, the liver is the one organ in the body that does need to be detoxed since it cleans and filters your blood. The healthier your blood - the better your health.

The inner circle will provide you with meal plans customized to your body type. Since every person is different and every body is different, no one plan will fit everyone.  Ezra Protocol Inner Circle deals with all the menus you need to keep diseases and health issues at bay from liver disease. It helps you to understand the foods you eat and how they will affect your body and your health. 

Debra does everything for you – you don’t have to do anything, but follow the diet she creates just for you. She’ll supply all the recipes you might enjoy because she’ll create them so you lose weight and detox your liver. When you detox your liver, your mind will work better making decisions and your body will absorb nutrients better. When the body absorbs all the nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, carbs, fats, and proteins, your whole entire body will feel well and you’ll have tons of energy. No more ups and downs glucose levels after eating.

You’ll find information on:

• The 4 chemical triggers to initiate the cleansing process

• How to flush fat from your liver

• Lower toxic build-up and flush it from your body

• Reverse the chemical imbalances

• And many other ways to rejuvenate your liver for a healthier life

You learn all the information about how liver enzymes work and how to control their levels, how to read your blood work, and find foods you like that help the liver do its job. Of course, you have Debra and all the members to call upon if you have any questions that have not already been answered.  Why would you NOT want to join Ezra Protocol Inner Circle?

If  you don’t have the time or planning a meal is too complex, then using Ezra Protocol Inner Circle is the right program for you. You get more than 6 months of a diet plan you can use to not only clean your liver, but to lose weight and have a healthier way of living.

Ezra Protocol Inner Circle By Debra Elkin is a natural process taught by a natural practitioner and nutritionist specialized in liver disease.  You can extend your life when you detox your liver, plus, you can offer the same benefits, foods, and recipes to your family and friends for a healthier and longer life. 


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